CEO & Founder

The CEO and founder, Mr. Tim Teal, has more than 30 years experience serving in mission spaces, and his knowledge and experience drive and inform the company capabilities. The CEO previously served as the Director of J6/J8/J9 for the Cyber National Mission Force (CNMF), where he was charged by the Commander, CNMF with arming the Cyber Mission Forces (CMF) with tactical tools and capabilities to achieve successful mission performance.  

Prior to that role in CNMF, he served as the Technical Director of the Capability Development Group (CDG), now J9 at United States Cyber Command.   He helped to lead the successful inception and standup of this organization.  The J9 is responsible for all of the USCYBERCOM Acquisition to include the Command Acquistion Executive (CAE)'s office, development and testing of tools, capabilities, tools as well as arming the Cyber Mission Force (CMF) with capabilities to perform their mission. 

Prior to his assignments at United States Cyber Command, The Bellwether Group’s CEO served as the Technical Director of the Analytic Tradecraft Automation Office (ATAO) at the National Security Agency (NSA). In this role, he provided technical leadership and strategy for the advancement of analytic technologies and practices with a strong emphasis on developing and deploying large-scale data analytics. In addition, he led the inception and successful standup  of the NSA’s Data Scientist Development Program (DSDP) and was a founding member of the successful inception and standup of NSA's Advanced Network Operations (aka "Hunt") mission.


Dr. Shana Fox

Co-founder & COO

The Partner and COO, Dr. Shana Fox, of The Bellwether Group has more than 20 years experience developing behavioral analytics for industry and IC clients, and a PhD in Information Technology. These predictive analytics are uniquely focused on the human representation of motivation and identity in digital representation. In addition to implementing personality and social psychology into predictive analytics, The Bellwether Group’s current COO created the architecture for cognitive analytics, which integrates human logical and intuitive thinking into analytic capability.