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We're a Veteran owned and operated small business  focused on delivering mission outcomes for our customers


technical excellence

The Bellwether Group employees have SME level capability in data science and have both decades of experience creating analytics in the IC community, and all have advanced degrees. Backgrounds include: specialization in Hadoop, Pig, Accumulo, MapReduce, Spark, NiFi and ElasticSearch and Subject Matter Expertise (SME) in Java, Java Swing, J2EE, C, C++, Bourne Shell, C Shell, Perl, ANT, Ansible, Python, Apache Pig and Puppetlabs Puppet.  We recognize that analytics are platform and mission environment dependent. That is why we maintain SME expertise in cloud computing and edge analytic development. The Bellwether Group leadership has past performance in the inception, development and deployment of scalable Edge Analytic frameworks using open source capabilities to enable effects at mission speed.  

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